IOR Global is an organization that is dedicated and committed to providing the highest levels of freight transportation services across the globe. The company strives to maintain a very high degree of quality whilst providing and executing the delivery promise made to its customers. This is achieved through our highly motivated and professional staff who focus on total customer satisfaction at all times.IOR Global understands the need of global trading community to have a reliable and exclusive organization to be their IOR (Importer Of Records) as well as EOR (Exporter of Record) to ensure they can easily expand cross border without the hindrance of establishing legal entities in each country they wish to operate. The solution we provide covers IOR/EOR requirements to multiple countries though a single billing mechanism thus providing a one point contact to all our customers. Most of the countries across the globe requires fiscal presence in each country in order to import or export goods. IOR Global supports your business when our customers don’t have any corporate presence through our established agents in each country return services .
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